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TX EMS Coach Edition Unlimited Access

TX EMS Coach Edition Unlimited Access
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TX EMS Coach Edition Unlimited Access
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The TX EMS Coach Edition training system for electro-stimulation training is the ideal solution for the professional Personal Trainer who wants to train his athletes at home, in the gym or outdoors!

✅ It burns more calories and helps you lose weight faster.

✅ Increase muscle strength and density more effectively.

 Accelerate training recovery.

 Personalized training programs match your fitness level and the goals of each of your athletes.

Boxing, Pilates or Yoga. Muscle building, endurance or fat reduction. There are as many types of sports and training as there are people who train. Make the most of yourself with the EMS Home Edition. 20 minutes of EMS training replaces up to 4 hours of conventional training.

For whom is the TX EMS Home training system suitable for?

The TX EMS Home system is suitable for anyone who wants to be physically active and wants to achieve great results in a short time.

It gives impetus to all sports activities, but above all, it is great for strength training. And he does it without much weight.

Our formula is: muscles burn fat. Stressed muscles burn even more fat and make your athletes more efficient in your daily life.

For whom is not suitable for training with TX EMS Home?

People with cardiovascular disease, pacemakers, cancer or epilepsy or people with health problems in general should not do EMS training. EMS training should not be used during pregnancy, but it can certainly be used to return effectively after pregnancy.

The package includes:

1 TX EMS Dry Suit (EMS Costume) size of your choice

1 Application for installation in Android system with Bluetooth technology

1 TX Power Box mounted on the suit

1 Powerbox charging cable

Instructions for use

Suitable for all types of workouts, for the gym, for boxing or Taekwondo, for yoga, pilates, muscle strengthening, increasing endurance or reducing fat.

The program includes 5 pre-designed programs and 1 VIP function to adjust the intensity and duration depending on the program or the goal of each of your athletes:

  • Fitness
  • Metabolism
  • Body Relax
  • Body Building
  • Cellulite (Reduction of Cellulite)
  • Vip

It is recommended to use 20'-30 '/ training and a total of 2-3 times a week / athlete. Due to the high efficiency and relative muscular effort, we recommend that you do not do more than three workouts lasting 20-30 minutes each week. The body needs periods of regeneration to process training. As this system is aimed at professionals, there is an unlimited possibility of daily use for multiple workouts per day. In this way you have the opportunity to purchase additional separate training suits so that you have a variety of sizes depending on the body type of your athletes!

At the same time, for hygiene reasons, special multi-purpose individual indoor clothes are provided, learn more here: TX EMS Undergarment

The package includes:

TX EMS Home Training System Application Application

Installation and application for Android smartphones with Bluetooth technology from the Play Store (Google Play).

The functionality depends on the Android smartphone model and is not guaranteed for every model on the market.

1 TX PowerBox

Bluetooth PowerBox for connection with Android App for Bluetooth smartphone.

The functionality depends on the Android smartphone model and is not guaranteed for every model on the market.

1 TX Dry Suit

1 All-in-one training suit with Dry technology which means no need for wetting. Its specially designed pads fit perfectly on the body. The electrodes are made of high-strength microfibers and Carbo fiber.

Available sizes

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

The suit is made of flexible fabric and covers up to two sizes.

1 Battery Charger

Input: 100-240A50 / 60Hz.3A

Output: 5V = 2.4A Max

Delivery: 15 working days from the date of payment

The listed price does not include VAT.

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