General terms

Navigating and even more so making any transaction with (hereinafter referred to as "seller") makes it self-evident and automatic acceptance of the terms contained in this page, on the part of visitors (hereinafter referred to as "customers"). is an online store and reserves every right to make any change to the content of its pages, including the present, without any warning.

Privacy Policy expressly undertakes to protect the customer's personal data and in no case not to share it with third parties, unless there is a written authorization from the customer or a case of violation of state laws and always after an order from the competent prosecuting authority or decision of a judicial authority.

Terms for shipping and delivery of the order.

To ship the customer's order, he can use either the already existing address that he has declared as a customer or an alternative address that he can declare when he arrives at the checkout. The information about the delivery time of the products is calculated per working days from the time of the order to the time of shipment.

The delivery is always made with the courier company Geniki Taxidromiki or ACS Courier and the customer will receive the product within 15 working days from the moment the shipment to the seller has been completed. Shipping costs are free to all of Greece and Cyprus. If the customer has not received the shipment or related notice within 30 days of shipment, please contact customer service at

Courier company undertakes to deliver the parcel to the customer's home in the time period stated by the seller. In the event that the customer is absent or unable to receive, General Post will return another two working days. If the customer is absent, General Post will call the contact number provided by the customer. From then on, General Post will not bring the customer's parcel again, but the customer will have to pick it up from the branch that has undertaken its delivery.

Upon completion of an order, i.e. from the moment the parcel has been delivered to General Post, the customer has at his disposal a shipping number that he can use to search for his parcel on the website or

Delivery time terms

All orders are sent in one single delivery. This means that if the customer has ordered products with different availability times, they will be shipped when all products have been delivered to the seller. Available products will be held until all products in the order are completed so that they can be delivered together.

Because the products are shipped directly from the seller's company in Cyprus, the seller cannot accelerate the delivery time further than the time specified on the product description page, or the time specified by the seller when confirming the order. The customer's order is shipped as soon as it is completed. In the event that the estimated arrival is delayed the seller will contact the customer via email to inform them of this.

Delayed delivery

Since the seller does not have all products in stock, an order may have a relative delay. Usually this case occurs when the products have not been delivered by the suppliers to the seller at the scheduled time. In the event of a delay, the seller will contact the customer via email to notify them of the delay. If a product is delayed beyond the time indicated on the product page, the customer pays for shipping at no charge, and the seller sends the delayed products to the customer in a subsequent shipment from the customer's order.

Since the seller places the order directly with its suppliers, under no circumstances can it guarantee an exact delivery date and as a result any delays that may occur are not under the control of the customer.

Inventory of goods

The seller has some stock of the goods, of course orders are made directly from his suppliers. This means that the seller cannot speed up the delivery time further than stated in the title of the website. In case the customer wishes to know the availability of a product, there is a predetermined deadline on the product description page. Also the customer can send an email to the customer service department at

Products not available

Products marked as "Stay Updated" are temporarily unavailable from suppliers. In some cases the seller cannot know when the goods will enter the suppliers' warehouse. It is possible to note the product and the seller will send a reply email as soon as he receives information about when it will be available again.

What are Cookies and why are they used? uses cookies. Most websites use cookies. The cookie may look like a small trace. A special file called "cookie" is stored on the customer's computer when he enters the seller's online store. A cookie is a small piece of data with information that facilitates the seller's online store and helps him put the goods in the seller's basket and make his purchase more easily.

Are cookies dangerous?

No, cookies stored by the seller's online store on the customer's computer are not dangerous.

General conditions for cancellations and refunds

The customer has the possibility to check his orders using "my account". In the event that the customer has placed an incorrect order or wishes to return the product, they must contact customer service before returning the product or canceling the order. The customer service center will give the customer all the useful information / advice to complete / cancel the order if the products have not been shipped. If the customer has received a faulty product, or the wrong order has been placed, or if they wish to make a complaint, they should contact customer service before making any return so that the complaint can be made first. The customer then goes to the "Returns" page and fills in the relevant form to proceed with the return process. As attached to the return form the sales document (invoice or receipt) of the receipt of the products as well as the products to be returned. If an invoice has been issued to the customer, he must issue and attach the necessary documents.


In the event that the customer wishes to cancel the order or cancel part of the order, contact the customer service center. The product can only be canceled if the cancellation is declared by the customer immediately, before the order is shipped. If after the order has been shipped the customer wishes to return a product, he must contact the seller within 14 days from the date of receipt and bear the return costs as determined by the seller.


In the event that the customer's order is correct and the customer still wishes to return a product, the return must be notified within 14 days from the date of receipt and the return costs must be borne as determined by the seller. Basic condition for the correct return of the products is to be sealed and unused in their packaging. The customer represents himself for the return of the products to the seller through the company General Post Courier.

Through the website, the customer will always have the best possible description, so that as a user he always has the most complete possible picture before buying. There is always the possibility of a wrong purchase. In the event that the customer wishes to change one or more products that he has already purchased, there is the possibility of return, according to the above conditions. The first step is to call customer service to direct them accordingly. Returned products must be unused, intact in their factory packaging and without tampering with any security tapes or covers on the contents. Returned goods should be packed in the box they were sent in to avoid any possible damage in transit. The return must be completed (sent via General Post Courier) no later than 14 days from the date of receipt by the customer and if prior consultation with the customer service department.

All returns must be accompanied by proof of purchase.

The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the returned goods arrive intact at the seller's premises. Under no circumstances will recognize the return of products that have not been received. will not accept or replace goods that have been damaged due to poor or incomplete packaging on the part of the customer.

The costs of return, reshipment and any insurance premiums will be borne by if the returned product is defective. In any other case, the corresponding costs are borne by the customer.

If a product has a defect in the packaging, the address of undertakes to replace it only with a similar one and in no case with something else.

In the event that the customer wishes to return an intact product in its factory packaging, it is possible to replace it with another of equal or greater value, according to the customer's wish, as long as he pays the additional cost difference.

Returned goods that do not meet the return conditions will be reshipped to the customer at their own additional cost. (***)

(***) To avoid any difficulties and misunderstandings, the customer please contact the seller before the return.

Order receipt and confirmation

Once the order is confirmed the seller will send an email to the customer's email address (according to the details he has entered) stating that the order has been canceled by the seller. The retail receipt of the order will be inside the package upon delivery. If the customer needs the receipt sent to them electronically, they can email customer service so that it is sent to them.

Available search modes

The customer has the ability to find the product he is looking for using the search engine. The customer enters keywords in the box and clicking the Search button will result based on availability. The customer can use the main menu of the quick search, selecting the category / subcategory. When the customer is in the product category, in the catalog, he will find on the left side of the product presentation, "Buy after..." Price, Brand, Variety, Flavor, etc.

Product safety

The products displayed and provided by this online store are presumed to be safe. Nevertheless, their use is solely at the discretion and responsibility of the user, without guaranteeing that no side effects or damage will be caused by the use of these products.

In any case, discourages minors, pregnant women and nursing mothers from using the products presented on its pages.

For the safety of users' health, they are advised to consult their doctor before using any product.

Presentation and description of the products

The effort of the contributors of is intense for a consistent presentation of the products both with photos of the outer packaging and insert of the contents of the ingredients, as well as with accompanying texts. Of course, there is always the possibility of minor errors, inaccuracies and omissions of minor importance for which does not bear any kind of legal responsibility. However, in such a case and at the request of the customer who made a purchase, the management reserves the right to replace or not the product at its discretion.


The user, who communicates and/or carries out a transaction with this online store, recognizes as self-evident the right of the address of to respond or seek further communication by any compatible and legal means, such as telephone or electronic mail (email).